Thursday, March 31, 2011

my picture perfect.... (jax style)

I have never & (probably) will never,
claim to be a photographer.
I just love capturing all the crazy/beautiful moments,
of my oh so CRAZZZY/BEAUTIFUL life.

My goal for this year is to add to my mad camera skills.
won't be difficult.
This girl has never even tried photo shop.
(is that even normal???)
Any who...
 my photos are picture perfect, to me.
How can they not be,
with the cutie-patootie I have.

     I had a bit of a "moment" this morning. I was looking through all my albums, & realized that there are hardly any pics of Mr. Jax & me. (Hardly any pics of me at all) Of course, moms are usually the ones behind the camera. I kinda started to freak out... just a bit. What if something happened, God forbid.... But what if "something" did happen. Then it did not help my insanity that we just finished watching the new Kathryn Heigl movie, "Life As We Know It," last week. Great sweet movie, btw, just so very sad. So what would any rational mom do in this moment.... 

     1. grab camera
   2. grab 2 year old
   3. try to take picture of mommy and & 2 year old jax  
   4. (this is the big one) try to do all of this at the same time.

Did I mention, I will be trying to hold jax still, steady the camera,
& get an actual picture of us both?

(taken by me)


                                                            Ha... HA... HAAAA!

I do know how ridiculous this all sounds,
But it was fun.
 I actually got a few keepers.
Most blurry, not in focus, some w only half of jaxy,
some of just jaxy,
But pretty perfect to me.

we started out w/ a nice shave

then the phone rang...

(obviously,it's a shaver/phone)

It was for mommy
(hahaha...apparently a serious conversation)

What you are about to see next is pretty cute.
Jax loves to play w/ mommy's camera.
He also loves to take pictures.
He'll hold the camera lens right up to his face,
I mean right up to his face!
I have a million pics that I call "buger shots."
They're all looking up his cute lil nose.
 I can't bring myself to delete half of them.

So he was playing w/ my old camera....

  He took yet another picture...
I was playing around posing for him,
and he actually shot this.

                                    Pretty amazing.... rigth?!
(Not me, hahaha, that he took this!)
Maybe I do have a future photographer on my hands... ey?

Me & curly.

Any day that ends with cuddles,
on the kitchen floor,
is one good day.


Jen said...

Love the shaving! So cute!

Heidi said...

These are sooooo cute Melanie!