Friday, March 25, 2011

flashback friday~ home

     This picture means so much,
& so many different things to me.

It was taken the night we brought our
lil bundle of joy home from the hospital.

This was also the 1st time I saw Jackson's room finished!
I actually let daddy completely decorate the nursery.
It was so sweet (& brave) of him to want to take this very big job on,
& it brought tears to my eyes.
(thank goodness, for him, they were happy tears. lol)

When I look back at this shot,
I can remember the tears running down my face.
I adore pictures that let you recount the feeling you had when taking them.

I also remember that time kinda stood still,
 for just a second.
I knew that Greg would be an amazing father.
That was never ever a question to me.
when I saw this handsome fella' holding our baby boy,
I'd never felt so lucky.
He was the true meaning
of a daddy.

In that moment... 
standing there with our new baby,

I was looking at my family.
~my home~


Susan said...

Aww..what a sweet memory. Your little guy is so cute, I love his curls!

Jen said...

What a sweet memory and photo! Looks like he did a great job on the nursery!!

Misty said...

What a sweet memory. How fast they grow! I saw you commented on another blog I follow so I thought I would pop over and say hello. Your little man is precious.

Heidi said...

What a great shot and such a sweet memory to look back on. And also, how pretty are you? I mean it; your thumbnail looks like Sandra Bullock!