Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wuvn our new floors *********** (& hugs too)

     We finally just finished putting in new hardwood floors in our kitchen. I Know this is pretty vain...., but I'm pretty much in love with them. Now there's only a million & 8 more things we want to do. One thing a time, one thing at a time. We had a fun weekend breaking in the new floors!

                                           as you can see...

    I then had a brilliant idea...

For Christmas I got daddy & jax these,
cheesy but oh so adorable,    
matching "I wuv hugs" t-shirts.
(we saw the t-shirt on the tv show "Supernatural."
Greg (Baby daddy) thought it was awesome,
so I scoured the internet to find it...
Merry Christmas Honey!)

Ladies... come on,
how can you resist a handsome hunk (x2) in a
"I wuv hugs" shirt... right?
I better not let them leave the house w/ out me!

silly daddy,
i love him.

~back to my brilliant idea~

I had daddy go change into his matching teddy shirt too.
I thought it be fun to get a quick pic of my my handsome boys
in their irresistible t-shirts. 

Easier said then done.
Here we gooooo...

Ok... we give up jax
U win, buddy.

That's a wrap folks!

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happy me said...

What a cute little blockhead! ;) I love love love that first shot w/ the new floors and toy cars!