Sunday, March 13, 2011

jax (aka curly-Q QTee)

I often get asked,

where do those crazy curls come from... ?

                                    well... let's take a looksee.

my ruff & tough
(w/ his 1st big boo-boo, on the nosey)

my OH my...
how I adore that crazy boy,
& those beautiful curls.

Back to where those curls came from...
this girl.

                                          (2 year old me)

     I unfortunately don't have many photos of my childhood. The ones I do still have are all in very poor condition (as you can see ^). That makes me  appreciate them, just that much more.

     That's also why I'm psycho about taking a million pictures, of anything and everything. Apologies to my family, they call me the crazy picture lady!

      BUT~ my lil man will have a whole lifetime of memories to look back on.

your welcome!


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

look at cute little two year old you!
the curls are phenomenal...on jax, and you!

happy me said...

Oh.My.Heart! The two-year-old you !!! <3<3<3

g said...

Yup, exactly the same curls. It's obvious where he got them from!