Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wordless wednesday~ gotcha!

     Urrrgggg! I wish so badly, I'd started this blog the day my lil happy jax was born. I'm working on adding his birth story though!  Here are a few classic jax moments that really don't need words. I know the idea of wordless wednesday, is obviously wordless. But... knowing me & how I LOOOVE adding my own captions, it'll be difficult. I'll try to control myself, & limit them to 1-2 words. So I guess we'll call it one word wednesday?! Nah... I'll just call it wordless wednesday, then add a word or two anyways!~ So me...! lol.

pure joy

                jaxy- shirt check dad.
daddy- ewww.

Go Blazers!


   & the score is...

jaxy= 1
daddy= ZERRRRRO!


happy me said...

He is so little in these photos! And those cheeks!!! <3

happy me said...

Your new profile box is SO cute! That photo is just adorable! And I love all the green! Is that for St. Patrick's Day? I do well enough to post - let alone decorate my blog for holidays!!! :)