Friday, March 11, 2011

it worked... it actually worked!!!!!!!

Oh Lordy... Lordy, THANK YOU.
I would just like to make a shout out to Jesus!
hall.. e... to the... lujah!!
Kudos to you too, mr jax!

I'm always flippn freaked out just a little scared, when we go outside, to play in the front yard. It's really our only outside play area. (since our big husky owns the big back yard) Even though we don't live on a super busy street, I'm always freaked out jax is going to run right on out there. He usually doesn't try to, but I also usually have to remind him over & OVER again. But HELLO Jesus! He actually has been listening to me. He HAS heard me the 10.5 million-BILLION times I've told him to not run out into the street.

                                              Go figure...

 I actually caught this on camera. Is anyone really surprised? Nahhh.  Thank you to my oh so happy sweet baby big boy! You are getting so big, & I'm the proudest mama. Love my bubbalou. xoxoxo.xoxo....

up to the very end of the sidewalk...
he actually stopped!

mommy- jaxy, do we cross the st w/out mommy?
jaxy- Noooo...NOooO...NO mommmm!
(awwww... i LUV U, BUB)

 the most magical thing happend...

he reached for mommy's hand.
I can actually hear music playing
when I look @ this picture.
(sappy movie music)
my heart danced.
but true.

that's the goodstuff.

( I almost did not post the last picture, because of the horrible fuzzies on my sleeve. I know this is very vain &stupid of mommy. But this goes to show how much I love my boy... & how silly your mama is. Lolll)


happy me said...

See? You feel like you say things a kabillion times and then BANG !!! You realize some got through! ;) Darling photos!

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...