Friday, April 22, 2011

flashback friday~ easter baby

Looking back on last Easter photos,
it's just another reminder
that mamma's baby
is now a little boy.

I'll still be wishing for the day when scientist perfect time travel. Just so I can travel back for 5 minutes, & cuddle with my snuggy bunny baby who can't run away.

In all seriousness...
Nothing is more amazing
than being able to watch your baby
grow into the sweet, smart, brilliant
little boy that he is.

Baby Jax had some major beef with Santa,
but loved him some creepy Easter Bunny last year!


Alison said...

aww! Love it! Easter photos make me smile--and look at his little smile. I'm sure I was freaked out by the Easter Bunny when I was that little.

Heidi said...

He is the cutest! Look at him all happy on the cross-eyed Easter Bunny's lap!

Susan said...

Cute!! They grow so fast.

Valary said...

He is as cute as he is brave.

Summer said...

You definitely have a little cutie!

stephanie said...

Ahhh...what a sweet photo! (although, I'll have to agree that the bunny is a bit creepy) :D

TOLIVER FAMILY said... cute...if i had to guess my girls wouldn't be having

Jen said...

JAe was none too interested in the creepy Easter bunny last year either, lol!