Thursday, April 14, 2011

sunny day wishes


      These shots seriously make my heart skip a beat. This was last Sunday. It had been raining all darn day, & after being stuck inside... all darn day, the sun finally came out to play. I love springtime with all the extra sunshineeee hours. Well, Mr Jax & Mommmm couldn't let all that go to waste. Plus we had to break in our, oh so cool, new blue kicks!

                              This was one of "those" perfect days.
The sky was so blue.
The sun was so bright.
We played, giggled, picked dandelions,
and got our new blue shoes a little muddy.
(Maybe a lot muddy)
This all made jax a very happy boy.

I apologize for the huge amount of pictures. 
I just love them all so much! 

awww, this lil grin.
he was watchin some kids,
over the fence,
jumpn on a trampoline.

skip....sKiP...SkIP... goes my heart.
(my fav pic of the day)
(I think?)

mr model

mr goofball

Can't believe I captured these next moments.
Lucky me.

1st time seeing a fluffy dandelion.
just blew & made his 1st mini wish.
love the excitement on his face,
as the fuzzies blow through the air.

I lied.
this my favorite.
be still my heat.

sonny bottoms!

It's the simple things.

oh... NOOOOO!
the wind blew his wishes away.
i adore the sweet look on his sad face
thank goodness we have a lot more
weeds wishy flowers!

I thank God for my little boy.
I thank God for giving us this day.

time to go inside...



Heidi said...

Oh Melanie, what a great day. Love all the pictures (you can never have too many photos as far as I'm concerned, Mama!)and Mr. Jax is just fabulous.

Susan said...

Yay for sunshine! Cute pics, looks like a great day.

Anonymous said...

Melanie, what a wonderful way to spend the day! My favorite photo is where the wind blew his wishes away. It's so poignant and that look on his face really tells a story! He's so photogenic, little Mr. Jax! What a handsome boy you have!

Valary said...

Love all these shots. That little face is just so cute.