Sunday, April 10, 2011

good morning rockstar

Usually I will hear my jaxy calling for
every morning like clockwork.
This a.m. was different.
As I walked into his room,
this is what I saw.

 Jax must have had one
wild night
in da crib!

Can I really be surprised?
He does hang with a wild bunch.

can you say,


& he's UP.
 rockstar all the way.


Jen said...

He has quite an entourage!

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Okay this is just the cutest thing ever and happy 2 1/2 birthday dude!! I love his curly hair peaking through all his stuffed friends haha!! I love this little man...him and Vincent would be best friends for sure!!

Heidi said...

I love this Melanie! So cute. Little dude has his buddies backing him up!

Melanie said...

Thanks my new friends! You're comments really do make my day! Much love...!

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is the cutest thing ever! I love how his feet are curled up like that! Gosh I wish I was as flexible as Jax! He's performing perfectly one of my yoga moves! :) hee hee!