Tuesday, April 5, 2011

adventures in dirty knees & happy faces

     We had a very eventful/fun filled weekend. Jax & mommy went on a brave adventure into the land of Falkor.

         Land = backyard  &  Falkor =  ...

this guy
Who's a pretty boy?!

     Our backyard has pretty much been uncharted territory to Jax, until now. It's been a construction zone, from building our deck. Falkor is really the sweetest Husky, but he gets just a lil too excited around Jax. Now that Jaxy is getting bigger I thought they should start having some play dates. Plus I can't tell ya how happy this mama is to have this wonderful creation called a fence. It was so fabulous! lol.

We had a blast.
Getting dirty is fun.

sUper jAx


where did this kid learn how to
use a shovel?

Uhhhh... OH!
He found the one muddy spot, 
in Falkorland.
Of course he did.

These pic's don't show
how VERY dirty this little
monkey was.

Awww. Xoxoxo.

My oh so dirty kneed,
oh so tired,
OH SO HAPPY jax boy.
(Note: shoe-string not tied from not trying.
Seriously tied that dang thing like 5x)

This was a 1st.
We got SO muddy
that he got chauffeured to the bathtub.
Clothes & all.

Now we are down to mickie & chuck taylors.
Is this cute,or is this CUTE?

It's freakishly adorable!

Just the bees knees...
of bees knees.

~ THEN ~

this is what happens
the second i go to grab a towel...

Oh, that's my boy.

Love him SO...
mama was happy nap-time was our next adventure.


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i love getting all dirty outside!
black chucks with nothing else on...sweet.

i'm with you on the nap time though.

Alison said...

I love it! Nothing like going outside on a gorgeous day to play in the mud and with the dog! The pictures are so cute--you can tell he's havinga blast!

happy me said...

All boy!:) & <3