Monday, April 25, 2011

Presenting Easter Morning (sponsored by santa, aka daddy)

Oh how i love my honey...
You're looking at a picture of jaxy's Easter basket.
If you having a hard time seeing it,
it's that thing in the middle,
that mr ducky is leaning on.

It's was so darn cute...
Daddy kinda took over the whole shopping for Easter job,
and this is what came of it.
He spent a bunch of time, the night before,
 setting everything up just right.

He was even the mastermind,
of the marshmellow bunny trail.

Merry Christmas Happy Easter

Jaxy is a major movie lover, like daddy.
Easter Bunny brought him all 7 Disney Pixar movies!

This Optimus Prime transformer truck
was by far his favorite surprise.
That made daddy a happy boy.

This was Jax's room,
before we know there was a Jax.
This was only 1 wall.
The craziness went all around the room.
Not a bare spot.

I'm sure monkeys room will one day, 
look a lot like daddy's man room.

All the goodies are so very fun,
but I want jax to really know the true meaning of Easter.
He's a bit young to understand it all now,
but I'm very excited to teach him just how much
Jesus loves him.

The rest of our Easter was very laid back.
Our plans with the Grandparents unfortunately got cancelled,
but we had a nice & lazy Easter Sunday at home.

jax searching for a goodie

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter,
with the poeple they love!



Susan said...

Love the pictures of Jax walking with his Daddy. Looks like you guys had a great Easter!

Valary said...

Wow, I thought buying Ellie a genuine Peter Rabbit and the dvds to go along with it was a little over the top. Haha! Jaxy is so adorable. Love the pics.

Jen said...

Wow, your Easter Bunny is no joke! ;)
Love the marshmallow trail and the pics of Jax and Daddy walking!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i better ot show bennett pics of jax's easter basket or he'll feel very cheated!!! :)

what a lucky little guy jax is.

LOVING all the sweet pics of him!

happy easter to you and your lovely little fam.

Alison said...

Absolutely adorable! It's so cute that your hubby went all out. It looks like he loved every minute of it!

Nessa said...

The sky in those pictures is pretty amazing... and your little guy is so cute. I love Daddy and baby photos.