Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Paper Mama~ Green


     I knew exactly what shot I was going to choose for this challenge. Can't get more green than this guy! Please excuse the flash in these shots. Jax, Buzz, & Mommy were playing hide & go seek. He ran into the dark kitchen & hid in the cupboard. I shot this, right as I opened the door. I heart the surprised look on that sweet face I LOVE so much.

This was also the night he wouldn't stop pointing to Buzz's foot.
I kept telling him a billion time... "yep, Bub, that's his Buzz's boot?!"
This went on & on & ON.
Then i finally realized, he wanted his name written on buzzes foot.
(Just like Andy in Toy story)
Is that not the sweetest thing ever?!


Anne U said...

Very cute jammies, like the one of Jax in his rain boots.

Melissa said...

vert cute pictures. My son has the same buzz lightyear. The part about your son wanting his name written on buzz's foot is too cute.

Drake Sigar said...

I knew you kept your kids in cupboards, and now I have proof!

Melanie said...

Drake, HahAA... Darn it, you fugured me out! Yes, I keep my sweet boy in the cuboard. Hey, it's a pretty good size, & I do give him a toyz1 Your comments never let me down buddy!

em said...

that is too cute. I love his facial expression. sooo much joy!

Alison said...

Love! My favorite color is green so I'm particularly fond of these shots. So cute--so green!

Elena said...

Great shots. The green is so bright, love it!

Adeena said...

Those are too adorable! :D His face in the first one is a riot.

And seriously... are your cupboards that clean?!?? Jealous.