Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shutter love tuesday~ summer fun!

summer fun

We are having so much fun soakn up the sunshine this summer! Summer fun for us is anything outside. We can spend 20 mins or 2 hours out in the yard, & when it's time to come inside, the tears start a rollin. This little dude would live outside, if we let him. Good thing it's summer time. Bring on the fun, bring on the tears. (haha... sorry. Couldn't help myself.)

These shots make my heart all warm n' fuzzy.
I love how you can almost feel the warmth of  the summer sun,
shining down on my happy jax. 
 I can surely feel how much he loves this old guitar!
maybe i have a future rock star in the making...?

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Anne U said...

So cute, you can tell how much he loves that guitar.

Heidi said...

Melanie, please send some sun up here. You are less than 2 hours away, it shouldn't be too hard! And AJ pitches a fit when she has to come in too. The world ends!