Friday, June 3, 2011

flashback friday~ Tears at the Barber Shop

flashback friday
1st hair-cut

Oh, man this was quite the emotional day.
Jax wasn't the only one who cried. Yes. I did too.
I know, silly mommm.
Of course I have a little plastic baggy of baby jax curls.
I still hate ,with a deep passion, ever cutting those curls off.
But dam gosh darn, he is still the most handsome little man.
Thanks goodness, though, those wild crazy curls grow back super fast!

For Jax's 1st hair cut we went to our local Barber Shop.
As you can see, we live in a small-small town.
How perfectly cliche does this shop look.
Poster size picture of Earle up on wall, w/ his record size sturgeon.. check.
Smaller framed picture of his brother Merle w/ his record winning sturgeon but not quite as big as Earle's... check.
Salmon coat rack... check.
Sign on the door that reads," shoes & shirt no service".... yep check!
You get the picture...

Step off Ladies. He's mine. All mine. 

Ha. He still looks really P.O.'d at us!
I think this really did traumatize him, just a bit. Just now becoming ok w/ hair-cuts.
I LOVE living in a small small town.
Probably because we live very close to a big one.
Best of both worlds.

there's my happy jax boy


Drake Sigar said...

I love those small town barbers, there’s so much odd junk adorning the walls. You half expect to accidently stumble upon an ancient mystical item which body swaps you with your kid.

Don’t worry about Jax, if you aren’t traumatizing your children at least once a week, you’re not doing it right.

Melanie said...

HA. Drake, I am so heading to the Babrber Shop, & getting a hair cut ASAP. I would LOVE to be 2 1/2, if just for a day!

I'm doing an excellent parenting job then. I'm sure I totally traumatize my kiddos multiple times a week. Go me!

Megan Harmeyer said...

OMGOsh he is too cute!! Isn't it amazing how hard little milestones like that are for the MOM?! And don't worry...I cried for BOTH my boys' first haircuts. *sigh*

Susan said...

Lol! I love how the barber is bald. Great post, such a cute little man :)


such a cutie. love the way you documented this.

look how happy he is in that last shot.

Valary said...

I am digging the whole barber shop feel you captured here. That first haircut is a heart breaker for sure.

Heidi said...

I love this post Melanie! Such great pics. And, this is totally creepy, I saved Ava's ponytail from her first haircut.

Melanie said...

Heidi... is it creepy that I don't think that is creepy?! Nahhh.

Jen said...

Oh, makes my heart ache! Poor guy, but so happy in the end!