Friday, June 17, 2011

Gotta love Chuck

Good ole Chuck Taylor's will forever be this girl's favorite shoes.
(& mama loves shoes!)

Oh how cute you were...
running around the house in those black high-tops & only a diaper.
As soon as you were dressed & those laces were tied,
I would find you back in your diaper,
throwing your pants in your laundry basket.
(at least your were being tidy, ey?! )
Wearing only Chucks, & a diaper bum.
(must have been the new trend, it was pretty adorable!)
I remember how excited you were to wear those cool blue shoes,
Blue being your most favorite color.
They are almost too small, & it makes me a little sad.
Every time we get a fantastic new color,
 it reminds me how much you aren't a baby anymore,
but you are growing up to be the coolest little boy. 
I am super excited to go on all the crazy jaxy  adventures,
we have to look forward to,
in your new green shoes!

At least we'll have one more blue memory..

Yep. Backseat of my car. Nice combo of spilled Lego's & water balloons.
I wonder who could have done such a thing?

love you monkey


Heidi said...

Love love love

Nessa said...

these are my favorite!