Sunday, June 26, 2011

meet my naughty/oh so sweet boy, named jax

dude. really...?!

This is what monkey-man was trying to get to.
He is crazy for Cars, & his new Lightning Mcqeen night light.
Really not fair for something so cool, not be a toy.

Then sweet jaxy gives Da kisses. Can't get mad at that.

Never a dull day with you,


Jen said...

Bwahaha! How did he get in there? He's good!

Melanie said...

Jen, he is super good at being 2, let me tell ya! He opens the side cabinet door, climbs up the shelves, then opens the top drawer to climb right in! Way too smart!

Love, Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness, so naughty! :) and adorable.