Friday, June 10, 2011

flashback friday~ monkey man vrs the library

1st trip to the library...

uh... to the...oh. uh...OH! (as in oh-no)
Here comes the little monkey man!

     Since last week on Flashback Friday was Jaxy's traumatic 1st haircut, I though it be fun to to another firsty. Sooo... hello 1st trip to our lil town library. It really is the cutest thing ya ever did see! I wish I would have taken better pics of the actual library. It was built in 1902 & was our towns very 1st building. It's white w/ a red door, & surrounded by a white picked fence (aww... right?!). We went right before Christmas, the fence even had big red velvet bows tied all along  it. The library sits on Main St. That's the only street in our town that's not a residential st. Again SMALL town. We don't even have  pizza delivery! Oh how i miss pizza magically arriving at the door. I'm going off track here. Jax, aka Jaxy, bubbalou   luv-bug, monster-man, Boo-boo head(don't ask. I have no idea what, where, or why. lol) I could go on & onnnn. My fav, right now though, is monkey-man. Poor guy, I know. Fortunately he's to little to tell mama to stop!
  Back to the monkey man (jax) vrs the library. It's kinda funny how in all these shots, monkey looks so sweet... he is. BUT I wish I had the shots of him running down the easels, tearing 200 books down in 3.7 seconds before I could stop him. This kid is fast, let me tell ya! You should have seen me trying to put everything back on the shelve, where it belonged. Thank goodness Da (daddy) was there, or that would have been a super good distraction move on monkey man's part. We did have a grand time. We played w/ the cutest tiny play kitchen, & enjoyed pretend coca-cola & cheese burgers. At the end we checked out 3 "hard" books. 2 Elmo & a Cookie Monster. It was a good Good day!

Out of the hundreds of books on the shelve...
you somehow ran right up & grabbed a Toy Story Book.
The only one they had.
(He's crazzy about T 1,2,& 3)

That's my boy!

As you can see, it was a very rainy day...

HAha... Daddy the jokster! VHS? What is this big ole thing?
Introducing the 3 handed Jax-O-Monster!

final score:
monkey man- 117/ library- 2/ mama- zero.


Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

cute blog, following

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

the first pictures is my favorite!!!!

the library is such a great place to spend time with the kiddos! our boys should be friends. jax likes the library, b like the library. jax is obsessed with toy story. b is obsessed with toy story. the only thing he's more obsessed with is thomas the train.

his boots are killing cute!

Drake Sigar said...

He has taste. Toy Story rocks!

Jen said...

That's awesome, lol! I would love to see a kid do that...and mom's reaction, lol!


these are great shots! love the reading shots with dad! so sweet.