Friday, September 2, 2011

Flashback Friday~ Pooh Bear & the HOT red fanny pack girl!

Family Disneyland Vacation
(1992 style)

12 year old me, & my adorable little brother.
The "spiral" permed, hair sprayed puffy curling iron bangs... AND
don't forget the wonderful half up w/ scrunchy hair do.
Oh. Man. How I LOVED my Avia... HIGH-TOPS!
You know you would have been jealous of the fanny pack,
back then. You know it!

OMGoodness Gracious!
 I just realized my brother & I had matching cardigans.
 Really mom? Really!
Oh Good lord. Lordy.
 I was really like SO stylin back then though.
I promise. I was.
Lol... I even remember what was in my hands in this pic...
A Disneyland celebrity autograph book.
We're talking  Mickey Mouse himself,
& even one of the chip monks signed that bad boy! 

I totally thought it was the coolest thing. Like EVER!
When I was this age (12ish) I totally said "like" like every other like word!
Oh how annoying.
I can not wait to take Jaxy to Disneyland(world) one of these days.
What's more fun than Disneyland when your a kiddo,
or even a big kiddo?!

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Xoxo, Melanie


Becky said...

That's hysterical, but I can laugh only because I too had all that style ;0)! hahaha Love it!

Love, Chelsea said...

I do love your fanny pack.

♥ Helen said...

When I see your blog filled with your cute photos I feel here is much love.

Carter Clan said...

Love the fanny pack!!! You had to have the big hair!! Cute pictures!

Mallory said...

I love the fanny pack. I had a neon pink & green one. A-mazing. I never rocked a perm but my best friend did and I distinctly remember that smell.

kyna... said...

OMG, I used to LOVE fanny packs! I had them in like 10 different colors!
♥ Kyna

Jen said...

LOL, these are awesome!