Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Black & White Wednesday w/ Heidi~ (#1!!!)

~Our official good-bye, to our friend Summer.
SUPA STAR style.

We had so many fun days out on our new deck.
In Supa Star style you always had to be wearing mama's shades.
Hours of fun playing in the pool, & w/ your favorite thing ever, the hose!
You thought is was the bees knees of funny,
to get mama & poor Mr Falkor w/ your favorite thing.
I loved hearing you giggle as you played with your water table,
& this pitter patter of your feet running around  & around.
You always managed to come back inside w/ the most wrinkly toes,
& you smelled like sunshine...
It might be my favorite smell ever.

You know how a certain cent
 can take you back to a moment in time,
just like that?

Warm sunscreen lotioned skin,
Johnson's baby shampoo wet hair,
cherry popsicle that was still stained on your cheeks,
and of course sticky red fingers.
 Cute little you all wrapped up in a yummy freshly laundered towel.
 A lovely summer spent with my guy.
My sunshiny boy.

I am so thrilled to be linking up w/ the LOVELIEST Miss Heidi!
This is her first Black & White link up, & ya'll have to check this girl out.
She is just the best!
(plus her ADORABLE girls have magic hair) Seriously.

Linking up with Black & White Wednesday!


Adrienne said...

Love your photo!! The wet, curly hair and the shades...a little water glistening all around! Sounds like you had a happy summer!

Ashley Sisk said...

LOL - that cracks me up!

Heidi said...

Oh Melanie, this is AWESOME. Perfect end of summer photo. Thank you so much for linking up today!

em said...

This is awesome...like print it out at 18th birthday or graduation type of awesome.

Love, Chelsea said...

Ahahaha, that little nakie bum!

Van said...

so sweet!

Melanie said...

Challenge accepted Chelsea!! lol..

If I can find a pair of silver sparkly chucks You know I will so buy those babies!!! I have a pink pair, so If you need to buy Lilly-Billy a new pair, pink would be great!

Girlfriend. We so have to meet one of these days!!!

misc.alaina said...

So funny that he has nothing on but sunglasses - can't forget those!! Great post!

kyna... said...

Goodbye summer memories, hello fall memories! :-)
♥ Kyna