Friday, September 23, 2011

Frivolous Flashback Friday~ Jax is 2!! / a prettier day!

Flashback Friday~
Jax is 2! (small fries w/ ma & da)

I am crazzzzy excited to begin our "Jax is 2! Flashback," Yo Gabba Gabba style. (or YGG if you're a cool mom in the know) These were all taken on his actual Birthday. Just a simple night at home w/ mama at Da before the big party weekend. I'm Seriously pumped to share next weeks Flashback of his actual 2nd Birthday PARTY! We partied like insane YGG rock stars. I handmade just about everything, with the help of my oh so rad family. But let's not get ahead of our selves.... This was a fun simple night & home w/ mama, & daddy, & our just turned 2 year old boy!

I gave myself a nice little pat on the back for this little Muno inspired lovely...

I will never forget this look...

"Mommm, is it okay to rip Muno's eyes off?"


He was sincerely concerned.

My boys.Yo.
This day is brought to you
by the #2, AND the word YO!

I will have better pics of this,
 but this is the YGG B-day banner I made!
It was super easy, just VERY time consuming.
Before this birthday of was the un-craftiest gal.
 (in the history of the world)
I was pretty proud of myself!

Is this not the cutest invite?!
Made with love, by Gma.
She is a goddess.

He LOVED all his newYGG toys.
Especially his toy boom box/Vtech laptop.

Jaxy boy,

Where has this year gone.
I was just getting used to my baby turning 2,
& now you will be 3 in just a couple weeks.

It's a happy kind of sad.
Like the happy tears that fall down
your mama's sappy face,
when I think about the compassionate,
 brilliant, kind hearted little person you are.
When I think how on earth I ever lived a day,
in this world, w/ out my Jax.
How you make me want to be the best darn mama,
cause though you are one curious NAUGHTY little monkey,
You are just AMAZING.
AND AMAZING is my favorite word.

Frivolous Friday~
 bath time = make up time {yay.}

I have a secret/confession/tip.
Trying to "get ready" make-up, hair, ect. is pretty much mission impossible with my munchkin.
Either he's trying to grab the curling iron, write his name on the bathroom wall w/ eyeliner,
or just out being waaaay too quiet in the other room,
& we all know what that spells...
TROUBLE is a brewn!

So back to da goods.

While actually taking some time to not scare the neighbors,
when she takes Jaxy out to play....

Jaxy is having a blast playing in da tub!

Oh gosh.
Maybe I just thought I was super smart,
& all my lovelies all ready have this one in their bag O tricks.
Oh well.
Now I'm starting to mumble.

If anyone has figured out how to take a shower in peace,
 while watching a toddler,
& not using nap time for their shower time.
I would LOVE to know!!

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Love, Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh, look how happy he is with those presents! And look how pretty mama is! I have zero tips for you, I am in the same boat! I usually just forget the make up and shaower after she goes to bed, but then again I usually look like a crazy person at Starbucks ;)

Lish said...

Jax looks like he had tons of fun!
Thanks for linking up your 'me' time..showers and makeup are unheard of when you add another kid into the mix! But that bathtime trick is gooood! :D

Kimberly said...

Looks like a great birthday celebration! Time certainly does fly, doesn't it? One of my babies just became a teenager this week. Still wondering how that happened! :)

Carter Clan said...

Looks like he had a great birthday celebration...he is just adorable!! The time flies when they are young!

Heidi said...

Melanie, you cutie, you ROCK with the party-throwin,! Seriously!!!

Nessa said...

I can't wait to see this years decor! I can't believe Jax is 3 in a few days!

Eva likes to put things in the toilet while I shower... so nothing ground breaking here. :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love the flashback photos! What a fun party he had! The eyes on the presents are super cute and I'm impressed with the banner. That would probably be past my craft capacity. We're big YGG fans too. :)

Mrs. Fun said...

This is so creative. I love it. The banner is the best.

Jen said...

I LOVE it! Jae would love a YGG party. So much fun, you did a great job making everything!

Courtney B said...

Who needs to get ready anyway??
Besides... you are drop dead gorg! Seriously, if I didn't love you so much... I'd have to be insanely jealous of your sexinesssss ;)

What a big boy Jax is! Wish I could go to his party... instead I can't wait to read about it :)

Mallory said...

We just finished watching the Jack Black episode of YGG. It's my favorite, it's been on our dvr for over a year. You look gorgeous in your frivolous friday pictures!