Monday, September 5, 2011

week in photos~ {Aug. 28th}

~our week in photos~

Curly got a haircut.
(major sadface)

It's so hard to get those sweet n' crazy jaxy curls cut.
It was time though.
Don't worry Jax, mama feels the same way bub.

 Haircut. Lolli. Still my handsome boy.

We had a family date night, & went to this really cute A&W Diner.
Of course we sat right below the awesome clock w/ the pretty neon lights.
AND of course Jaxy had no interest
 in trying to turn it off & on a million times!
Yahhh. It's opposite day! Lol. 

Love my boys

We play to win.
And win some bouncy balls we did!
Double bacon cheeseburgers DELUXE style.
Coney Island Chile Dogs.
Then the best root bear float I've ever had... EVER.
I don't know how we all, including the Jaxster, got all that in our bellies.
It was good stuff & good times!

Just me.
Being bored.

AND taking silly pics,
AND then playing around with editing.

My oh so genius idea for a Jaxy photo shoot.
This was about the only shot I got.
Monkey was not having it that day,
& didn't understand why his good inside chair was outside.
For the love of photography Jax. Duh!
He didn't seem to respond to that either! lol.

 Absolutely funniest thing in the world to this little fella...
plugging his cute lil ears while mama pretends to be talking,
but with no sound.
Mama is funny. Let me tell ya!

Jax has a bunch of little ride on cars, but he's in love
with the neighbors Glitter Girl car.
Pretty funny.

It's so muh fun to watch him interact & play with his pals.
I LOVE that he actually has friends now.

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Casey said...

oh my goodness! that haircut makes him look older! do you miss those curls?. & I love your 2 just playing around pics, your adorable!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Oh how I love A&W! We don't have one anymore :(

Beautiful selfies!!!!!

Sean Marie said...

Aw! I would hate to see those curls go too, but your son is still so darn cute! He looks so happy too. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. BTW, you are one hot mama! :)

Mallory said...

Oh he looks so grown up with his new haircut! My daughter does that same ear plugging thing, kids are hysterical.

Kaitlyn said...

I loveee his curly hair!!! How adorable is that! Looks like you had a wonderful week! :D

You are gorgeous by the way!!

In our sea of love said...

Aw, poor Jax! That first picture is soooo cute though. His hair cut looks very nice. I'm dreading getting our sons hair cut, putting it off for as long as I can! :)

dramaticmama said...

I love your pictures and the way you edit them!!!
Also, cute selfies! lol.

paulyandmeg said...

These pics are so cute! We have an A&W about an hour away and I've always wanted to go - I love how old fashion it seems. Also your self-pics are so pretty!!

Danelle said...

Love the "I don't want to get a haircut" face! :)

Love, Chelsea said...

Hahaha! Glitter girl!

Susan said...

Such a sad face during his haircut! Great photos Melanie, looks like you had an awesome week. The A & W's up here aren't near as cool!

kyna... said...

OMG Melanie, the part about your "attempt" at a photo shoot with his chair had me laughing out loud! Too funny and cute all at the same time!
♥ Kyna