Monday, September 19, 2011

Dude... my auntie is cooler than yours! (just jkn) {kinda}

Jax is one lucky monkey!

His beautiful Auntie K came for a surprise visit this weekend.

He was very surprised!
She was dressed as the cutest clown you ever did see.
She is working for a party entertaining company,
& just got done w/ an event.

Her outfit was so cute.

This is the only clown ever that does not creep me the heck out!

Jax LOVES his auntie K

She kinda loves hin too!

When I was looking at this photo,
I noticed how sweetly he was holding her hand.
So I thought I'd take advantage of the cuteness.

This girl is just as beautiful, inside & out.
I am seriously thankfull for her.
I know Jax will always have her to count on.

Yah. She's a professional clown AND makes balloon aniamls!
Jaxy won the auntie jackpot!!

He thought this was just the bees Knees of COOL.

A red puppy for a special boy.

Happy Jax

Blue is his favorite color.
Can you tell he's a bit excited?!

Arrrr Mate.. .a pirate sword & a red doggy mean business!

This was by far mama's favorite of the day...

a flower from my boy!
I adore that he actually gave it to me.

Such a special day with people i LOVE.

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Becky said...

Very sweet! That's neat that she's a professional clown! Love that outfit! :0) He does look very happy with his auntie!!

misc.alaina said...

Very cute! Love the laughing shot (3rd down)!! The pirate balloons are prefect for International Talk Like a Pirate Day today!

kyna... said...

What a lucky boy to have such a loving aunt!
♥ Kyna

Susan said...

Coolest. Aunt. Ever!!!

Cedar said...

Kids are so blessed who have fun and loving aunts! We have a few ourselves.

These are great photos capturing a fun memorable day!

Mallory said...

An aunt who makes balloon animals! Jax definitely scored with that one.

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

UMM HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT SHE IS A CLOWN! LUCKY JAXY! I have been blog following MIA lately! I am not just getting out of vacation mode! whew! I am so excited to catch up on my missed Jax pictures! I missed him and YOU!!!!!! Hope all is well! xoxo

Sarah said...

How fun. Sweet photos.

deb duty said...

Love these photos! She makes a very cute clown. He is a lucky boy!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

What a wonderful aunt! I can tell they adore each other...and the photos are so fun. Great "shoot", Mama!

Mallory said...

I used to want a tamagotchi so bad too but never ended up getting one.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

That is so cool- it looks like he was having a super fun time with her.

Tara said...

Aw, these are great. Looks like he is having a blast!

Nessa said...

What an awesome Aunt! And congrats to you - I have seen your photos popping up everywhere geting some recognition that they deserve!

Melanie said...

Nessa... Thank you so much friend! Your sweet comment meant SO MUCH.

Love, Chelsea said...

Jax you are so lucky!!! And Auntie who is also a CLOWN?! A NOT CREEPY CLOWN!? Too good to be true.