Thursday, September 8, 2011

monkey see, monkey do

This is what happens when mommy forgets
to shut the bathroom door.

mascara & powder galore.
AND no pants for some reason?

Ya'll should have seen the look on my face!

Wait, of course you can.
(Like I wouldn't not grab my camera)

This is a fraction of my surprise.
(It's all in the shocked crazy eyes)

I show Jax his masterpiece, as we look in the mirror.

Duuuuude... REALLY?!

He's not quite sure what to think?

I just thank God he didn't poke his eyes out!
(Btw, I did capitslize the G in God, but this font is stupid)
Thank you Jesus.
(He must be better at putting mascara on then mama)

He giggles at his pretty face.

Bath time,
my littleTammy Faye Baker.

Daddy is probably freaking out (just a bit) 
after reading this post.
Don't worry babe...
I will make sure the bathroom door is always closed!

You are never a dull boy, monkey-man!


em said...

adventures in toddlerhood. consider it a lesson learned!

misc.alaina said...

Too funny! Of course, don't tell him that. Love the Tammy Faye Baker line!

Lish said...

Oh my!!!! What a lovely mess you have there! Gray has gotten in to my powder and lipstick before...mascara is a whole other ballgame though!EEK!Those pics have to come out for his 18th birthday!LOL!

happy me said...

Two words Mel; Black. Mail. ;)

rachel said...

just this morning I heard splashing in the bathroom and found charlie having a blast playing with the toilet water. so glad whoever used it last had flushed! so yes, time to shut the bathroom door!

Mom of 12 said...

Love the makeup! He is too cute.

Casey said...

AHHH!! lol, thats awesome! My boys watch me put my makeup on too, and the little one isnt tall enough yet to reach it, but the older old has tried on my blush and nailpolishm which is still in the grout on the tile. :) kids are silly! I love your pics, and he looks pretty darn cute in mascara!

Love, Chelsea said...

Well, when you have eyelashes like those...who can blame the kid. Play up your best assets! ;)

Heidi said...

Hahahaha! He looks so rock and roll!

Karli said...

HA HA HA HA!!! LOVE it! I laughed out loud at the last pic... it was something about the mascara - LOL! Livia is requesting makeup on a daily basis now; maybe more acceptable than for Jax, but a little "Toddlers and Tiaras" for me, thank you! LOL!

Have a great weekend! XOXO

Jen said...

Oh goodness, hahaha!