Thursday, September 22, 2011

one cute sis & 3 puppies {take one}

There are not many things cuter than puppies,
but adding my ADORABLE little sis to the equation....
This is my definition of darn tootn CUTE!

(I think I've watched WAY too much Mickey Mouse Club House)

Dad's farm.
Kenzie, the coolest little chickie.
Mama dog Miss Chloe,
AND the 3 musketeers, aka freakishly adorable pups.

(Btw, that's a doggy toy off to the left. Not a puppy lol)

These were not posed.
This is just Kenz, being sweet Kenz.
I was just lucky enough to capture this.

I have this "issue/problem" of not being able to just pick one picture from a batch.
Instead I bog you lovelies down w/ a million photos.
So I have a few more Sissy & Pup pics to share w/ you.
I will settle my bum down,
& wait til tomorrow!

I hope all my girls know how much you brighten my days with ya'll just being ya'll!
(btw, I so don't have an accent, just like to pretend)
The land of blogging has become such a wonderful part of my life,
& it's because of you.
You all know who you are.
I simply adore my lovelies!!!

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Susan said...

Oh, they are adorable. I'd have fun taking pictures for sure.

Hope you have a blessed day!

Love, Chelsea said...

Too much cute!! Good thing there were no Jax pics in this post or I would have combusted!

deb duty said...

Okay, there's nothing cuter than a little girl with an armful of puppies! Love these photos and I'm looking forward to the rest of them! Thanks for linking up with me today!

Tara said...

So so stinkin cute, I adore puppies....

Mallory said...

I love puppies! There is a place by my house called All About Puppies that is basically a puppy pet store. I use to go there a little more often than I'd like to admit before the babe came along.

Susan said...

These are so sweet Melanie! The third one is my favorite :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Puppies!!! Love it. I have to stay away from all that sweetness because I'm too tempted to take them home.

Heidi said...

Love love love these Mel! It's been a tough week and I have been a horrible commenter, but your blog ALWAYS makes me smile. Just wanted you to know, friend.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much!!

Heidi, right back at cha mama! Xo.

Tamar SB said...

Oh my goodness those puppies are sooo precious!

Tamar - also linking up with Deb!

em said...

oh my gosh I love those last three!! I wouldn't say 'bog' either i would say delight!

Rachel said...

Kids and puppies are the cutest!! Photos like this make me want to have a kid... so then I can get them a puppy... haha

Mom of 12 said...

Cute! We haven't had pups here for quite a while now.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ahhhhhh so adorable!! Nothing better than a little puppy fun!

rachel said...

so sweet! this is your sister? she's so young! (not that you aren't, that didn't come out right, oh, crap, nevermind!). xxoo

Misty said...

Precious puppy! Thanks for linking up.