Friday, September 9, 2011

"Good Morning Da(ddy)"... (zzzzz says Daddy)

"Wait upt DA!"
(Last Sunday morning.)

Oh how i love hearing the pitter patter of
 little monkey-man feet.
As he runs down the hallway,
to make sure mommm & da
 are get their booties out of bed.
(i loved it a bit more this morning,
cause mama already had her coffee. lol)

This morning was different.
Jax ran down the hallway w/ Mr Teddy in his arms.
Jumps in bed w/ Daddy.
just lays there.

Giving Sleeping Daddy some good luvins.
sleeping( like a rock) Daddy
This guy could sleep through ANYTHING.
apparently that includes
mama snappn pics
Jaxy cuddles.
And Jaxy pulling on his arm & NOSE hair.
It was to funny to stop him.

But it was mostly all sweet just like this....

Sunshine. My sunshine. & Binky smiles

waiting so patiently.

 Awww... look,
 this is MY boy!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I know I've told you this before, but I think he is just the cutest little guy! I'm impressed with his patience. My Dax likes to whack me awake or pull my hair. :)

Joy Burkhart said...

These made me teary! You have such a cutie!

Love, Chelsea said...

So freaking adorable. I love dads and babies!