Sunday, September 4, 2011

Frivolous Friday~ on Sunday {2}

Sorry for being all late & stuff!
It's has been one crazy week for this girl.

Mama's gettn her sexy back! Haha.. just jkn.
I never lost it baba,
No. seriously.
I used to never not wear heals,
since I'm now happy mommy to a wonderfully crazy almost 3 year old.
(OMGosh can't believe he's almost 3!)
I never wear heals, my huge shoe fetish consist of flip flops & my Chuck Taylers.
(that makes me want to cry lol)
So the other day, just for the heck of it all...
Mama got all prettied up...
Just to go into town & run errands.
It was pretty awesome, then I remembered why I wear flip flops & kicks
Jax & heals just don't mix.
But it was nice to feel pretty and a bit skinnier.
Love how a nice pair of heals can make you feel that way!
Here's my cute heals that I wore for the 1st time.
I kinda love em'.

being all frivolous!
Thanks to the beautiful Lish for thinkn I'm frivolous----ish-ous!

 check me out!


em said...

Killer shoes! Since the kiddo I've switched to stacked heels....I can't not wear heels at least a couple times a week! :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Those are so cute! Worth a little pain. I was just thinking that I wanted a pair of real high heels. I haven't worn any since I started having kids!

Heidi said...

SUPER cute, Mama! Go on with your bad self! I literally can not remember the last time I wore real high heels. I know, sad.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

the shoes are marvelous!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Those are soooo amazing, Melanie! Love, love, love!

Love, Chelsea said...


Nessa said...

I just made a promise to myself today - I will wear heels more often - and than you have this fabulous pair!