Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday~ Pumpkin

Rosy chubby cheekies
Daddy's nose
The brightest blue eyes I've ever seen
Soft peach fuzzy hair
AND that drool bug smile!

That's my pumpkin face boy at 9 months old.

AND look at those itty bitty little hands.

Jaxy cruisen around in his little walker.
as you can see he loved it!

linking up with Jen's Flashback Friday!


Carter Clan said...

Absolutely love the blue eyes and chubby cheeks! He is just precious!

Love, Chelsea said...

You are making my ovaries ache! Was that gross?

Melanie said...

Ahahaaa.. Chelsea I actually think that's funny & sweet! Is that gross of me? lol...

We are hillarious. Btw.

Heidi said...

He is the squishiest babe of all! Soooo cute!!

misc.alaina said...

His little face is so cute! And those eyes... so pretty!!

Jen said...

OMG!! Look at those cheeks!


the eyes. the cheeks...the lips...can i have em?