Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Boy Bed

So we finally did it.
Took down our little baby's crib,
& transformed it into a big boy bed.

My baby is growing up.

Bye-bye sweet crib. (sadface)

Hello my big big baby boy.
The second I saw how proud & excited he was about his new bed,
So was I.
(though he still is & always will be mama's baby,
just for the record)

In true monkey-man fashion...
It passed the "monkey jumping on the bed test!"

It was just the cutest thing.
He was SOOO proud.
  Mama & Daddy were too!

Oh.... how you are loved Jaxy boy.
Time to get tucked in...

Note: Notice the all the cars on the Cars pillow.
Silver Delorean  (Back to the Future style)
Yellow Hot Wheels (he thinks they are Bumblebee from Transformers)
Optimise Prime truck (Kinda hard to see)
Yep. He have these exact cars on his pillow, every night.
But. Teddy is the most important element by far.
HaaaaHa. Look at that smiley face!
That's my Happy Jax.

Good night my baby boy
 LOVE you....
Soooo SO much.

We (Jax) got out of bed 8 times last night!
Even though he could climb out of his crib in a jiffy,
he didnt.
Now he comes to visit us all night long!
I really hope mommy get's to do that thing she LOVES (called sleep),
in the near future. lol.

Any tips would be lovely my lovelies!!


Sean Marie said...

Always such adorable photos!

dramaticmama said...

This almost brought a tear to my eye. I am so NOT ready to do this anytime soon. Such a big moment, in my opinion. Adorable pics though!! :)

Susan said...

Yay for a big boy bed! Don't worry the novelty will wear off and he'll stay in bed...eventually!

Ashley Sisk said...

I wish you many nights of uninterrupted sleep!

Alison said...

Such a big little man :)

Lish said...

That's great!!! It took Gray no time at all to adjust to his big boy bed...but...on several thousands of occasions he would fall asleep in front of the door (we close his door at night) so while it's cute...it's also hard to get him back in bed when you can't open the door!! LOL. Hang in there, it will get better!

misc.alaina said...

Too cute! His smile is priceless!! I like the instruction manual shot!

Anonymous said...

He he. Too cute. Hopefully he will start staying in there soon.

em said...

Oh wow...what a transition...good luck and if you learn and tricks feel free to pass 'em along!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am dying over all of these pictures!

kyna... said...

Yeah Jax! So proud of the big boy! And Mama, I really hope you get some sleep sweetie! I am scared to death take Ellie out of her crib! ha ha!
♥ Kyna

Love, Chelsea said...

Haha, I am not looking forward to when she can get out of bed! Good luck mama, if it helps, I'm not getting much sleep either!