Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finagle a Foto #12~ {Best of the week}

**Hello Friends**
Welcome back to another fun week,
<<Finagle a Foto #12>>
Come link up your best shot(s) of the week
Show one, show all,  anything goes
{best of the week}.
Before I introduce this weeks fab guest host,
I want to extend a BIG thank you to our last weeks guest,
**Her #1 top winning photo**
 from last weeks FAF #11 {8pm} & {Door} challenge
Becky loved the moodiness of the shot, the wonderful angle, & how it brought back childhood mems for Heidi!
Heidi, please grab your winning button here!

Thank you Miss Becky, you rock!
<<Finagle a Foto #12 >>
Introducing a wonderful bloggy friend, sponsor, & A-mazing photographer...
I get inspired by the love & character she captures of her sweet little man, Joshua! She is just all around wonderful, I know you'll love her...
Stop on by & say hello!

Name: Kelly-Marie
Blog name: Our Footprints On The World
Describe yourself in three words:
Laid-back (Is that one word .. I guess so), trustworthy and friendly.
What does photography mean to you:
I feel like all though school and things I have never picked up a hobby that I am good at or have enjoyed for more then a week. Then my little guy was born and I just couldn't help taking pictures of everything he did (not that he did a lot when he was first born). Then my sister came along with her fancy camera and took one picture of him which looked so awesome and it was then I knew I wanted a DSLR myself. Since then my love for photography grows more and more as I learn new tricks. For me I just love capturing my little guy. 
What are you working w/ {camera, lens's, fav editing tools, accessories}:
I have a Nikon D3100 with a 50-200mm lens.
To organise and do some basic editing I use a free, yes FREE! programme called Photoscape.
Then If I want some more fancy editing or text then I use things like
What are a few items on your photography gear wish list:
My poor hubby is always getting told what new lenses I want to get. I think my next buy will be a 50mm prime lens to get those sharp shots.
What is your most FAVorite photograph you've ever taken, & why:
Ok I have a few and yes they are all of Josh, he's my baby what can I say :D
Two of them really capture his eyes beautifully and the other is just the most cutest face ever.
Where would you like your photography journey to be in a year:
Well I actually have a few people lined up wanting small photo sessions with me, so hopefully one day I would love to create a small photo business specailising in children's photography. With maybe an extra little one on the way in our little family to photograph ;)
Thank's so much Kelly!
 She's excited to see every ones pixels!
<<Finagle a Foto #12 {best of the week} link up>>
My takes:
Well, these WERE my favorite shots of the week...
Again THOSE WERE my favorites,
until this happened...

Until daddy came home from being away on a 3 days business trip.
This little monkey MISSED his daddy bunches...
as you can see, daddy missed his boy.
(mama missed daddy too)

It's funny, these pictures are surely not perfect, overexposed,
 (remember I'm on the 30 day shooting manual challenge)
but I LOVE them.
This is the perfect example that a photograph doesn't have to be technically "perfect"to be Amazing!

I hope ya'll link up with out {best of week}, ANYthing goes!!
Can't wait to see your pics!
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Happy Jax


Dina Lettre said...

Wowza...that last one is so precious!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Soooo loving those baby blues lady- those are killer!!!

Anonymous said...

Your shooting in manual? They look awesome, mine always come out over-exposed. I've been looking at photography courses online and so I might do one of those one day.

I love all these shots how can anyone pick a best of the week from those x x

Sarah said...

Those shots are awesome, Melanie! It took me a lot longer to take the manual plunge. You are a rockstar! And I'm sure you know this, but you can adjust your exposure much easier if you shoot in raw. It's much more forgiving!! Although, goodness me, it takes up much more space.
I tried linking up my photo like 15x and it kept showing me errors so I had to link up my button. Sorry girl! I told you I had major deficits. LOL

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Oh Melanie...those are great shots! I love the welcome home shots you precious!!! PS...excited to be back and finagling with you again :)

Kim C. said...

I loved the cape shots this week, and every shot is just precious!

Just found your linky today through a referral comment. Thought I'd join you!

Lish said...

Thanks for the reminder Mel and for your so sweet comments too :)

Those last two pics absolutely melted my sweet are they? I think they are perfect, I always slightly overexpose my shots a bit...just a preference thing-the joy of being the photographer!!

Kyetra said...

I love this challenge. Kelly-Marie sent me over and I am now your newest follower.

Nessa Bixler said...

So much fun! My first 2 or 3 shots are usually completely white or black. I rarely get those first few even close to right.

One thing I did that helped me a lot was taking some shots and looking at the data on them. I would write it down... bright and sunny - playing at the park - ISO 100 - F/5.0 - and so on. Then critic it in the notes - not focused, over exposed, or on those rare great ones - just a smiley face.

Heidi said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, sweet friend, and thank you for inviting me to join this link up!

I love all of your shots, especially Jax with his daddy! But I super duper adore the b/w shot of him in the field wearing his cape.

Sarahmumof3 said...

such beautiful photos! I love the ones hugging daddy true moments to treasure which are the best sort of photos!

Becky said...

Love those shots! You're doin great!! That one of daddy coming home is just priceless! Love it!

Susan said...

Oh, I love all of these! Especially that first one. Where did you get that adorable cape?? Glad Daddy/hubby is home :)

Skye said...

I love the Daddy-Jax shot! Nothing is better than that!
I am going to link up on Wednesday morning - I just had a new post this morning but I will link up on wednesday - its set to go.... then I'll come here and create the linky :)

Nancy said...

I'll be linking up tomorrow Melanie. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Heidi ★ said...

Love ALL of these - & thanks so much for loving my pic last week! woohoo made my day! =)