Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Good Life~ {Breakfast by the pool baby!}

Hello lovely friends.
First, I wanted to send a big thank you to...
Inspired by Family Magazine
    It was such a fun laid back challenge! I liked that you could do whichever theme on whichever day you wanted. There were SO many talented mommy photogs (like my RAD friend- Sarah, The Stile Files- she won 3rd place! <3 her.) & I was super surprised & honored when they picked my {Thankful Entry} pic for the winning {Thankful} photo. A special lil thank you to my new friend & sponsor the fab Miss Brooke, via Covered in Grace! She is sending me some pretty girly hair accesories for winning, can't wait to open the mail that day! You can check out all the Mommy Moments Photo Challenge winners here!
Now let's get on with some cute stuff, shall we?
THIS was yesterday morn.
It was a darn GOOD morning.

Monkey, Mommy, & Mr. Falkor (our furry baby) 
had a  nice "fancy" breakfast by the kiddie pool.

note: I'm so sorry my lovely friends, I know this is a bum-load of pics.. can't help it...
 loving my new lens SO much. If not before, I NOW have a major picture taking addiction. OOOY.

This IS the good life, my little friend.

LOL. I have to admit, it's super funny how Falkor manages to pose for so many pics!

Our "luxurious" pool.
Breakfast croissant made by mama with love.
As you can see... I am an A-mazing cook. wink wink)
Btw, in case your wondering what Jax is wearing on his chest... maple syrup.
I don't even try to start "operation clean up" until all is done!
"Nope buddy, no syrup on your back... just yet!"
OhhhhH. YAhhhh! (hehee)
Aww. My sticky boy, & my pretty Mama's Day flowers! 

We sure are luvn the warm weather & barefoot playing outside all darn day, spring days.
The GOOD life for SURE.

    Also THANK you to all you beautiful mommy's out there who shared some {Mother's Love} in our last weeks special Finagle a Foto Challenge. Excited to announce our top 3 winning Finagler's Saturday, & start a new {Best of Week} challenge Sunday! Visit the FAF homepage here, for more info)
Phew... that was a lonnng post!

Happily Mother After


shelly said...

These are really great!

Tina´s PicStory said...

sweet shots :)

Lori said...

MEL! These are so so AWESOME! Who cares if you have a photo overload it's your blog and I don't mind! WOW!
Well done lady!

Becky said...

Awe, congrats, girl! You deserved it! These are all so great, Mel. I know I always say that, but it's true. You have such an eye for photography, which is great since you're obsessed lol ;0)! No worries, I am too! I think about it and get so giddy... oh and speaking of being giddy, I swear as I scrolled down, my smile only got bigger. He is such a doll baby!

Skye said...

Great shots! And I am laughing b/c your dog is looking through the slats like "Hey, how about some breakfast sandwich for me? Huh??" - We get that here too.

LWLH said...

Don't mind the picture overload at all, you got soo many good shots girl.

What lens did you get?

Elena said...

When you have such a cutie to take pictures of, why wouldn't you be a little snap happy! I love all of these shots! His eyes are so beautiful! He is always smiling; what a happy boy!

MG Atwood said...

Congrats my friend! So well deserved, that was a really sweet shot. Loving this pool party! Enjoy I hear rain in on the horizon!

Love, Chelsea said...

Love those little tootsies up on the table, too cute.

Lish said...

I am aching for a new camera...seeing the clarity in your shots (not to mention your cutie pie subject!)makes me want one so bad!!! Beautiful! Have a nice weekend!

Coneflower Ranch said...

Great series of shots! I love the one with your dog peeking through the fence! Too cute!

Sarah said...

Oh, you are too sweet! Thanks for the shout out, my friend! That thankful photo was perfect--You always capture the best moments. These are all such lovely shots (as usual), but my two favorites are the one where Jax is checking out his back and the one where he is making the the "O" face. Absolutely priceless! One of my favorite thing to do is look at awesome pictures so post away, girl! xo

Susan said...

Breakfast by the pool!!? That's awesome. Love these! Loving the b-ball bokeh too :) said...

These photos are amazing.

Great Scott said...

oh i can't stand it. SO cute! that second picture is just awesome - and so are the rest. what a cutie and what great photos his mama takes!!! xoxoo

Sean Marie said...

How does Jax manage to look adorable even with food in his mouth wide open? Great photos!

kyna... said...

OMG Mel...ADORABLE post!!! I love it! Jax is getting more and more handsome every day! You got a heartbreaker on your hands momma!! xoxox

Shooting you an email today or tomorrow! :-)
♥ Kyna

Lauren Johnson said...

Oh my goodness these are way too cute! I can see why you couldn't stop taking pics!! And it looks like the lil mister was enjoying the paparazzi! ;) Thanks so much for linking them up. I loved every one.