Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finagle a Foto Challenge #13~ {A Mother's LOVE}

<<Hello Friends>>
Happy Sunday, & more importantly...
Welcome back to

Happy Jax

 ***{A MOTHER'S LOVE}***

I need to give a quick shout out to my sweet co-hostest w/ the mostest.. the BEAUTIFUL Miss Marilyn
Happy Mother's day mama! I just ADORE this girl, & ya'll have to check out her Vlog.
Seriously her Boston accent kills me. LOVE that girl.

Now Introducing our wonderful new guest host/judge this week...

Thank you to the very special... Sarah!!
This is me Sarah mum of 3
Sarah, is the lady behind the blog "This Is Me" and has so many awesome photography
shared via her lovely blog. Please take a moment to stop in and say hello.  You can 
find her around the web via Facebook : Twitter :Pinterest : Flickr
Photography to you in one word???
Memories! Photographs hold those moments which pass and we 
can't get back, they store the moments and preserve the memories, 
so yes Photography means memories.
Your favourite thing to shoot.
I love to take photos of my children, they are normally the subject and I have far 
too many photographs of them, but I also love taking photos of my boxer dog and wildlife.
What photography is/means to you
I have always loved photos, right from when I was a little girl I would happily sit for hours 
looking through photographs, when I moved out from my mum and dads the only thing 
I wanted to take with me was my box of photographs, and when I got hold of my first digital 
camera I started taking more and more photos. I am by no means a professional 
photographer I just simply love capturing memories sharing them and looking back 
at them, I only have a cheap point and shot camera so I don't really know alot about 
the technicalities of photography, I simply try to capture 
the essence of the moment and hope for the best!
Your favorite shot you took (EVER!<--lol)
Oh thats difficult because I always really LOVE the photo that I have most recently 
taken, then look back at it a few months later and think, ohh its not that great. There are 
however some photos which I am particularly proud of, ones which have really surprised 
me and made me smile time and time again so here's a few of my current 
favourite shots but ask me again in 6 months and it will be a different set!
Photographer that inspires you
That's an interesting question too, because I don't really have one dedicated photographer 
that I look at and think of as being my inspiration, however I have so many photography 
pages on my facebook, and blogs in my blog reader and each and every one of them 
make me go 'wow!' they are my inspiration all of them together 
like a big mixed bag of amazingness!
Your biggest photo goal.
Blimey these are like proper photographer style questions aren't they! I feel almost abit 
of a fraud answering them because I just have a love for capturing the moment, and am 
not all that good at being on the ball with all things photography. I would therefore say 
my biggest goal is to beable to have photos which capture all my childrens lives right 
up till they have their own children... then I can start capturing them too!
Your photo gadgets.
well that's easy, I currently have just a simple little Olympus VG-120 which was 
about £60 I don't actually have any love for it and much preferred my Cannon powershot 
A490 which again was just a cheap point and shoot but I absolutely loved the clarity 
of the photos taken with that, but my youngest scratched the lens so I had to have what 
was on offer at the time. Maybe one day I will beable to get my hands on some real 
proper kit! As for editing, I love to edit in Paint Shop Pro, I have a love for digital 
scrapbooking, is great for quick and easy edits too.
How great is she?! Looking forward to getting yo know you more & more Sarah!
<<My take on a {A Mother's LOVE}>>
I wanted to share a few of my FAVorite pics with my sweet boy & me!
Oh. This IS love.
When I look at this shot I feel like I can actually see how much my sweet little man loves his mommy.

I had a little bit of an "A-HA" moment the other day...
(Btw, does anyone else miss Oprah, as much as I do?)
I find myself second guessing my self a LOT.
Am I a good partner, friend, mom? Am I pretty enough, smart enough, am I ENOUGH.
As women, & as mothers, I know a lot of us battle these questions often.

My "A-ha" moment...
If I am fortunate enough to have this little face to wake up to each & every morning,
A sweet little soul, a gift from God above that LOVES ME. REALLY LOVES ME.
If I am "good enough" to receive this little man's love...
Then that is IT.
That's all I need to know.

I'm sure I'll have my moments, it wouldn't be normal not to...
I will remember, & be thankful for the love in my life that I am SO worthy of! 
AND so are YOU!!

***Happy Mother's Day friends***
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Snap Snap Away!!! Excited to see your shots.. 
Happy Jax
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Sarahmumof3 said...

Happy Mothers Day to you, these photos are just beautiful - all of them!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

These are great. Clearly I show my love with goodies & that is shown in my post today :) Hehehe.

Happy Mom's Day!

LWLH said...

Happy Mother's Day, you and your little man are too cute for words. You can tell he adores his mama.

Angie said...

Oh Mel, these photographs are soooo beautiful! What a lovely mama you are. <3

Happy Mother's Day to you sweet friend. And much love to you and yours today and always!



Anonymous said...

You two just have the sweetest bond and you are both soo gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day sweetie, I hope you are enjoying you day x x x x

Tito Eric said...

Such lovely photographs. Perfect Mother's Day images.

Nancy said...

Hope you had a lovely Mom's Day, Melanie.

Marilyn said...

Awww, amazing amazing shots Mel.. You are soo darling and I just super adore Jax as always.. Hope your mother's day was flipping (lol *wink) amazing and beautiful!! Sending you hugs.. Cheers.. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.. : ))

Marilyn said...
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Dina Lettre said...

Sure hope you enjoyed your special day, M! XO!

myric andreasen said...

Hello Melanie! You took wonderful photos! You are a talented photgrapher:)

Myric @
Petites Passions

Sarah said...

So, so sweet! I can feel the love in Minnesota! <3