Tuesday, May 22, 2012

GRANDpa's Birthday

If I am sure of anything, 
it's that Jax has the very best daddy in the whole wide world.
Thankfully Jax is blessed with the daddy he has because of the wonderful father Greg has, Jaxy's Grandpa.
We got to celebrate grandpa's birthday this weekend...!
Grandpa's Birthday wish: We received this text from him it went something like this... 
Okay family, here's how I'd like it to go down on Saturday. How about showing up here at noon, and I'd like you to buy me lunch at Rod Robin, then back to the house for birthday celebration. 
{HAhaa. love that guy}
Part 1 Gpa's B-day wish: Red Robin
 Auntie K & Monkey playing w/ Monkey's Leap Pad. 
The Leap Pad is AWESOME, btw.
(the sunlight streaming through the windows was beautiful(or maybe it's just Kel's magic hair?)

Waiting. Waiting. WAITING... (pretty patiently) for our cheese-burgers.
For being a very curious 3 1/2 yr old, AND all the sensory OVERLOAD on the walls of Red Robin, we were proud of Jaxy, he did a great job.

Part 2:(of Gpa's Birthday wish) Back to the house to hang out.
(but 1st Gma's & mommy's wish... posing for a couple family photos)
-Auntie K., Gpa, Jax, Daddy.- {aka- Greg's sis Kelsey, Greg's dad Greg, Jax, & Greg}

HA. I swear I capture one of these every year.

Meet  Handsome & Pretty.

Father & son
Lol... gotta love Greg's shirt.
Grandpa's B-day- rockin' the Kool-aid Tee. Easter- rocked the Ghost-busters Tee.
Gosh. Can't wait to see what Memorial Day brings?!

If she wasn't Jax's Auntie... I might just hate this chickie! Isn't her hair A-mazing?!
Poor Ruby Tuesday. Jax loves her... she just puts up w/ him.

HAhaa. Ruby's furry mug says it all!

Part 3: cake pie, ice cream, & presents

Gpa is my kind of guy. We both like our pie more than cake.
Don't get me wrong I like cake, I just REALLLLY love pie.

Jax = professional. present opener. helper. person.


Sweet cards from Kels & Jax.

We are not only good lookin, but a funny bunch as well. Lol)

Daddy has super man powers at kissing owies  away...

It's been a GOOD day, when this lil guy falls asleep before nap time.

Part 4: Time to get the heck out!
How cute are these two?! 
We had one tired little monkey, that fell asleep w/in two minutes on the drive home,
AND Jax NEVER sleeps in the car.

Thank you for spending you Birthday w/ us Grandpa!
We LOVE you, & are SO very blessed to have you in our lives.
Live, Love, Travel
Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


shelly said...

Wow, father and son look so much alike.

Becky said...

These are so great, what fun you guys had!! She does have gorgeous hair, she's gorgeous too! I enjoyed reading about your day and I swear, Emma's finger is attached to her nose!! LOL! I think Jaxy has a great daddy too, or at least it looks that way, and that t-shirt cracks me up! You need to take a family pic next! I must see one!

amy said...

awww these are just so precious! Brought a smile to my face. I bet he remembers this day for a long, long time!

Elena said...

Looks like a great day. Grandpa seems like an awesome guy! I like pie way more than cake too! You got some great pictures here, as always! Love the second to last shot (LOL) he looks like he is dead to the world ;o) Love the hubby's T-shirt by the way! Gotta love Kool-Aid c'mon now! It reminds me of the Mario Bros (Nintendo). T-Shirt I bought my husband. He loves anything from the 80's!

Susan said...

Awww...what a great group of pictures.


Jaymi said...

these are such fun pics! great job! I really like your processing on that second shot--it looks so dreamy!

Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

Came across your blog via the See It! Snap It! Love It! Linky. I absolutely love your entry for this week, it's a gorgeous shot! well done xxx

Mallory said...

Looks like such a fun day but more importantly, your photos are getting sooooo good!

Kel said...

Here from Sweet Shot.
Great memories from a special day. Well done.

myric andreasen said...

beautiful pictures! You've captured sweet smiles of this great moments :)

Happy birthday to him :)


kyna... said...

What a fun day momma! Greg's sister is a cutie....and Greg looks JUST like his dad! I absolutely LOVE the picture of Jax picking his cute little nose! I'm definitely gonna show that one to Ellie to see what she thinks of her boyfriend! lol!
♥ Kyna

Susan said...

Mmmmm, Red Robin's, yummy! Looks like a great day :)

LWLH said...

Looks like a fun birthday for Grandpa and I am so with you...I am super jealous of her hair. I have curly hair too but hers is gorgeous.

Sean Marie said...

How sweet! Jax makes booger digging adorbs. (Got that word from you.) And your hubbys sister is so cute. :)

MG Atwood said...

What fun shots. Great job capturing the day. I'm sure grandpa loved having the Jax man there to celebrate!

Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy said...

Fantastic photos. And I do especially love the ones of Jax and Ruby. My little guy loves playing with our cats; he just loves to chase and stroke them, they *tolerate* him.
Thanks for linking up. X

Sarah said...

Such sweet moments!! I love your SIL's hair! And that nose pickin' shot is priceless! Reminds me of my little nose picker, Stella. xo

Mascara and Mud said...

o my life! They are all fantastic piccies but the one of Jax and Ruby and the one of Jax picking his nose?! Priceless! x

Nessa Bixler said...

Look at Jax all wore out! Her hair is amazing!

happy me said...

Yes, it was great. I loved my card Jax made me, and everything else. Thank you for a fun day!