Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adventures in... hangn w/ the peeps, & a curly haired boy

Jax had some of his
 neighborhood homies over to play!

Lots of fun was had.
It is so much fun watching him really play w/ other kiddos.
(even if he is taking them hostage) lol

Snack time
I only had three chairs out.
Hello slide/chair...

The down part of using a slide/chair...
it's still a slide! (ahahhha)

Mr cool/monkey-man made his own homemade sprinkler (aka the garden hose).
As you can see, he was pretty proud of himself!

Mama's 100% pure sunshiny boy

Summer has been wonderful, but (DUDE) a bit hot.
I'm looking forward to fall!

Xoxo, Melanie


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

look at they wonderful curly hair!!
what fun to have kiddos come over and play. what a lucky duck :)

Jess said...

LOVE the slide-chair! That is so awesome. And those curls! What a cutie you have there.

Courtney B said...

Oh goodness, your little boy is so adorable!! LOVE his curls!
And you are one beautiful momma Melanie!

em said...

What a wonderful smile! Love the curly hair...and I have those same flip flops!

kriznizzel said...

Man that photo with the water falling over him is so amazing!
Kristy following from a boy named after a car.

MG Atwood said...

What a cutie! Having older kids is so fun for the younger ones! Looks like you got your wish, today was coolish.

Susan said...

I LOVE the one of Jax with the water spraying all over! Beautiful light, gorgeous color and an adorable subject! Looks like a fun day!

Casey said...

Love Love Love the water shot! its awesome! great job!

Anonymous said...

Aw I love the water pics!! What a cute blog. Found you guys through Young & Restless - thanks for participating in the giveaway! : )



Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Jax sure is a sunshiny boy! :)
Thank you so much for joining Alicia and me in the Crazy Days of Summer "Sweet Summer Finale". You've been entered for a chance to win an amazing $200 photography and scrapbooking prize pack. It's just our way of saying thanks... Have a great day. :)