Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday~ {week 4}

~Scavenger Hunt~

1. old & new
My sweetheart had my GRANDpas Highschool
 Letterman's jacket professionally cleaned.
It meant the world to me.
My Grandpa was the very best man I ever knew .
Now he is my angel above,
& I'm with the very best man I know.

(also my Grandmas gloves from prom)

Mr. Wallace Johnson, the first man to ever have my entire heart.
 My forever hero. My GRANDpa.

2. Night Photography

Mama's curly haired luv-bug, catchn some Zzzzz's...

3. Music

Pick mama a good one baby!

4.Cheesy & Sun

Introducing my Mr. Cheese  Ball himself!

linking up with Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Xoxo, Melanie


Ashley Sisk said...

THat last shot cracks me up - how cute.

Saun said...

Too cute love the music, and sun pics

Cedar said...

Adorable set! Love that curly haired sleepyhead!

Kelly-Marie said...

Cheesy + sun together = CUTENESS!!

MomLaur83 said...

Beautiful comments about your grandpa - they are so precious and dear to us!

MG Atwood said...

Love the old and new and music. So sweet about your grandpa