Friday, August 5, 2011

GOOD talk baby

In all honesty this week has been a bit rough. You all know how much I flippppn love my little boy, & adore the lil bugger completely! Buuut this week my normally VERY active, curious, wonderfully crazy 2 year old has been multiplied by ten-million & been  assigned a mission to drive mama nutso! He is good at his job, let me tell ya! lol.
Maybe is was the sunshine,
or playing outside all day that FINALLY wore him out.
Jax came sat by my side, crossed his adorable lil arms & layed his head down.
He looked up & said "hi mommmm."
(he says mom with the ending m sound lasting about 20 seconds lol)
Then he gave me that " I love you like crazy look," 
& no lie....
kissed mama's hand!
Where did my Casanova Child get his sweet moves...?
No clue, but I'm eatn up every moment of it.
We sat for like a record of 10 minutes, & just talked.
Who are you,
& what have you done with my child?
(OMGosh. So cute. Heart exploding.)

Yo. Gotsta love the pool hair!

(favorite smile #531)

We're learning to count on our fingers twwwoooo...

thweeee.... fouw?????? hmmmm.
Baaahaha... never a dull moment with this dude!
You sure do keep mama on her toes Bubalouski.
love you sweet cheekies.

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Xoxo, Mommmm


kyna... said...

Nothing beats a momma's boy huh?? So sweet! You are one lucky mommmmmm! :-)

Momma Bird said...

awe!!! i love the finger counting!! how did i not think of that?! and those curls - ladies watch out! lol cute stuff Melanie!

Susan said...

He looks so sweet counting! What a big boy. We've had one of those weeks too, must be something in the air?

Heidi said...

Melanie, this is the best! See, they somehow know when you are at the end of your rope and then they pull out the big guns to reel you back in! Love you new design, Mama!

Christa said...

it seems like everyone had a crap week, me included. hope things get better SOON

happy me said...

Mel! The blog re-design is out of this world cool! I need to re-read our e-mail convo because I have NO idea what you think you need help with!!!! Show off. ;)