Monday, August 22, 2011

week in photos~ {Aug. 14th}

~our week in photos~
(Minus the sick Jaxy pics.Thank God My munchkin is back to making messes,
 & getting into everything)

Why you ask...?
simply because we didn't even watch a movie.
We played Lego's whilst listening to some fabulous tunes...
AND OH YES, there was dancing!

Our week started off great.
Most of the days spent out on the deck
Sunshine & water is a big hit at our house!

We even make our own rainbows around these parts!
(Told ya my Jax is pretty magical!)

How flippn ADORBS is this lil guy!
Sweet new pups at my Dad's Farm... I almost stole one.
(But there's only three, they probably would have noticed)

"Hi guys!"
(look at that tiny paw)

The week of the plain ole brown box

This mama even gets Lego flowers!
Jax get's mad though when they won't stay in my hair.

Mr Teddy A. Bear took a bath w/ Jax
Teddy usually takes a ride in the dishwasher(works great),
but they both needed to get cleaned up.
(Two birds one stone)
Teddy has been a part of the fam since Jax was born.
He is his most prized possession.
I need to do a post on just Teddy.

OMGosh. How much do i LOVE this guy!!

Happy Monday my lovlies!

Xoxo, Melanie


Susan said...

I'm so glad Jax is feeling better! Adorable puppies! And sounds like a wonderful movie night :)

Becky said...

I love these, looks like fun! Sorry he was sick, but so glad he is better! He sure is a cutie! :0)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your cute little pictures made me smile. I love that you let him take a bath wit his teddy. I never thought to do that before, but most of our animals could use a dip. :)

happy me said...

SO relieved he's over that!!!
And that last shot? Stop it. No. Really. Stop it. ;)