Tuesday, August 2, 2011

naughty little sweet cheeks

Here's my oh so naughty curious monkey-man,
lookin like the precious angel he is.
Don't let his sweet lil face trick ya.. he is a brilliant mad (naughty) genius.
Who is way too good at being 2!
But I just adore this priceless look of wonder
 (AND a bit of huh...? Confusion/Jealousy/life's not fair)
look on his face.

Jaxy watching the neighbor girl making
(We're talkn' car size bubbles.)
Now mama's tiny bubbles just don't cut it anymore.
Sucky dude.

Seriously though...
how dang adorable is my (baby) boy

linking up with Sweet Shot, & The Paper Mama!

Xoxo, Melanie


Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Okay loving the new blog header and this pic is so cute, he looks like he is stunned in amazement! You catch so many good shots of him, he will adore them when he is older, if not his wife will haha!

So how about team JP for the big win? Holler! We were so right on this one! I mean she would be craz not to pick him! The magazine drama is already bashing him saying he is in love with his ex, some Stephanie girl who is insanely gorgeous, she must be the one who broke his heart! Anyways I Love JP and hope it works for them, if not send him my way....haha joking! We can fight over him! Ahhhh hes so dreamy!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend doll! Much love xoxo

Ashley Sisk said...

Seriously....so cute.

Love, Chelsea said...

Love the description of his expression! Spot on!

JennyRain said...

OH that face :) what a cutie pie!

Christa said...

oh my goodness. Bray and Jax would be best friends.. and then they would take over the world putting their master minds together lol

kyna... said...

Ooooh, Melanie...LOVE the new blog look! Yay!! It looks great!
♥ Kyna

Momma Bird said...

absolutely adorable :)